EDmarket Annual Meeting
EDmarket Annual Meeting
Objectives in School Construction with FLEXspace™

Campus faculty and staff are frequently called upon to provide context and advice when classroom facilities are designed or renovated. Several years ago, SUNY launched FLEXspace.org: the Flexible Learning Environments eXchange which has evolved into a respected, well-adopted community of practice and open educational resource/repository. Recently, EDUCAUSE made an investment in this community-driven portal to integrate the Educause Learning Space Rating System (LSRS), a quantitative measure of active learning potential within learning spaces, including metrics for inclusion.

The FLEXspace Integrated Planning Pathway (FLIPP), which leverages these two freely available tools (FLEXspace and LSRS), helps senior leadership make investment decisions by engaging faculty, AV/IT technologists, librarians, instructional designers, and facilities planners in collective recommendations when tasked with advising/planning new facilities.

Learn how the FLIPP pathway empower advisory groups with diverse perspectives and expertise to follow a step-by-step process that creates internal group alignment prior to meeting with external contractors and consultants. This alignment results from adopting and prioritizing core pedagogical values within budgetary constraints, including definition of acceptable alternatives when preferred solutions are potentially limited by resource or environmental constraints.

Learning Objectives:
1. Apply the FLIPP model to bridge communication among planners/designers, AV/IT integrators and faculty/librarians by leveraging the LSRSv3 and FLEXspace tools.
2. Connect with a global community to find peer contributed learning space examples, assessment tools, research, and curated collections (eg., E-Sports, Active Learning, HyFlex/Hybrid, Inclusive).
3. Contribute examples of campus learning environment designs and resources to share privately with colleagues, or with the FLEXspace community.
4. Understand the new Learning Space Rating System dimensions that include multiple modality learning and inclusive learning environments.

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