EDtech Distribution in an Evolving Marketplace
EDtech Distribution in an Evolving Marketplace
The EDtech market, valued at more than $8 billion, has always been a challenging space to enter, and as products shift from physical to digital new channels have emerged and established channels are evolving.

The EDtech Distribution in an Evolving Marketplace Report, features data gathered from interviews with key industry leaders conducted by researchers at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. This report, sponsored in part by Stages Learning Materials, provides the most current information available on the shifting nature of the K-12 market for EDtech products.

Key Findings:
  • Demand-side partners are on the rise including Educational Service Agencies (ESAs), Short Term Trial Innovation Hubs (i-Hubs), Vendor Marketplaces and Review Platforms.
  • 90% of EDtech leaders interviewed referenced the lack of a Single Sign-On¡Xsimple access in one place to all technology products a school is using¡Xas a huge pain point for schools.
  • Enthusiasm for Open Educational Resources (OER) is increasing for teachers, principals, and district leaders, but quality OER needs to be curated so that schools are not overwhelmed with choices.
"There is no shortfall of great ideas and new EDtech products that are being developed, funded and designed, but there is not a clear understanding of how to profitably take these products to market and get them in the hands of the students and teachers who can benefit from these innovations," says Jim McGarry, President/CEO of EDmarket. "This study will help companies better understand the shifting nature of the K-12 market for EDtech products and to understand how to navigate this complex marketplace."
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