Reopening Schools with Safety at the Forefront
Reopening Schools with Safety at the Forefront

Reopening Schools with Safety at the Forefront

Learn how one California school recently completed the GBAC Star accreditation - how it gave the community the reassurance that the facility was upholding the highest standards of cleaning and disinfection established by ISSA and how it deemed the school was a clean, safe, and healthy environment in which to work and learn.

Learning Objectives:
1) Explore the Kimberly-Clark grant program and how it aids in covering a portion of your school's accreditation cost.

2) Learn why the GBAC Star Accreditation is an important part of your schools reopening plans or plans to remain open.

3) Find out how GBCA can help maintain healthy environments and operations and prepare for when someone gets sick.

4) Be a partner in your school's ability to open and/or continue to remain open and provide additional confidence in your school's cleanliness and safety.

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