The North Carolina Academy to Envision Tomorrow's Schools
The North Carolina Academy to Envision Tomorrow's Schools

Learning Spaces in a Post-COVID Environment

We are living in an unprecedented time. Schools are closed around the world causing educators and students to adjust to new realities of teaching and learning online. Our guest speakers from Steelcase will speak to what they have been learning about this shift to remote + online learning, what this might mean for the near and further futures of education, and share some ideas schools might consider as they redesign their learning spaces in a post-COVID environment.

In this recording, presenters Jack Hoke, Executive Director, NCSSA; Stewart Roberson, Ed.D., President, Moseley Architects; and Freebird McKinney, the 2018 North Carolina Teacher of the Year addresses the following important topics:
1) See how research, combined with best practice and the power of leading teachers' voices, reveals design concepts not ordinarily considered in traditional school facility design processes.
2) Have the opportunity to consider how the design of design processes may be influenced more deeply by teachers and other educators.
3) Learn about a novel approach to addressing school facility design.
4) Gain a glimpse of the design process, one which will be discussed more deeply at the EDspaces conference in November.

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